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History of Vresina

First written record about village is in the paper about partition of Opavian principality from 1377, where Vřesina belong to lord Adam and then was move to the property of Opavian lords Premek and Vaclav. It is possible that village existed even before this date. The date of foundation is estimated to the second half of 12th century, where settlements in this area were founded.
From 14th to 17th century there are recorded numerous owners of the VIllage. Since 1461 Vresina became the part of Velka Polom estate. Since 1702 Vřesina Village belong to Klimkovice estate in the holding of Wilczek family.


During 1850 new school building was built, later expanded to two-class school. In the second half of 19th century, Vřesina started to turn in worker village - ordinary people without land started to move in, who worked in Ostrava black coal mines and iron works.


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25.5.2024 15:05

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29.8 °C


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17.6 °C

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Obec Vřesina